• Are you looking to lose weight and for this you want to use a slimming pill? Difficult to sort out the good and the bad products, there are so many. This is why we are writing this article. We discovered a fat burner called PhenQ , which has a reputation for being a product of unparalleled efficiency. This effectiveness would lie in the way in which PhenQ acts on the body, on several levels. We have learned about this one, and want to share the information we have found about it, because PhenQ could well be the right solution for weight loss.
PhenQ Review 2022 : Effects, Dosage, Composition, Contraindications
 PhenQ Review 2022 : Effects, Dosage, Composition, Contraindications

PhenQ Review 2022 : Effects, Dosage, Composition, Contraindications

  • PhenQ effectively eliminates fat from your body by speeding up your metabolism and increasing thermogenesis.
  • PhenQ regulates your appetite in two ways, by increasing the feeling of fullness, and by improving the absorption of carbohydrates by your cells, reducing the desire to consume sugars.
  • PhenQ prevents you from gaining more weight by blocking the production of new fats.
  • PhenQ boosts your energy levels and naturally improves your mood.
  • PhenQ is made exclusively from ingredients of natural origin and does not cause any known side effects.

PhenQ : Opinion and test

  • PhenQ claims to be a premium fat burner. We inquired to find out what users think of the product. Well, the only negative point that we found on this tablet is its taste! So the only advice we have to give you is to take it with a glass of juice instead of water.
  • More seriously, the comments are unanimous. If you need to lose a lot of weight, PhenQ is clearly the best product. We have identified several cases of loss of more than 15 kilos in 3 months of treatment!

PhenQ : What advantages / beneficial effects?

  • Fat burning. PhenQ is a special fat burner because it acts on it on several levels. First of all, thanks to thermogenesis (natural increase in body temperature), your body eliminates more fat. Then, the fats are used by the metabolism to produce energy, or are encouraged to be evacuated during digestion.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels. Prevents the accumulation of sugars in the tissues.
  • Appetite suppressant. Improves the feeling of satiety, so you are less tempted to consume excess calories.
  • Welfare. PhenQ also improves mood by reducing the stress hormone, and energizes your body.

PhenQ : What unit price / complete cure?

  • A bottle of PhenQ contains 60 capsules, the equivalent of 1 month of treatment. The initial price set by the manufacturer is 75.95€. It's priced higher than other fat burners, justified by its superior effectiveness. It is nevertheless possible to make your purchase profitable by taking advantage of the promotions available on the site.

PhenQ : Where to buy to avoid scams?

  • PhenQ cannot be purchased in pharmacies. It is easily found on the internet, sold by several distributors. It is recommended to favor the official site, in order to avoid falling on potential counterfeits, which can be ineffective or even dangerous. In addition, only the latter makes you benefit from a satisfaction or refund guarantee.
  • Delivery is free and takes place within a few days.

PhenQ : What promotion at the moment?

  • Every bottle you buy now gets a $10 discount , dropping its price from $75.95 to $ 65.95 .
  • The site applies decreasing prices according to the quantity you buy, which further lowers the price per bottle.
  • A pack of 3 bottles, initially costing €227.85, is reduced to a price of €129.95 , or around €43 per bottle .
  • Even better, a pack of 5 bottles + a free bottle of Advana cleanse (digestive system cleansing cure) costs you €174.95 instead of €379.75 . The bottle thus costs you less than 34€. A great way to save money.

PhenQ : What side effects?

  • PhenQ is a dietary supplement made from ingredients of natural origin. There are no side effects yet identified for its daily use. This product being recent, it is possible that it has undiscovered side effects, if this is the case, speak directly with your doctor. Normally there should be no problem.
  • Caffeine can give you a headache if you don't tolerate it.
  • As with most fat burners, PhenQ is not recommended for pregnant/nursing women, people with cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, hypertension, and individuals under 18 years of age.

PhenQ : What dosage / dosage?

  • You should take 2 tablets of PhenQ a day, one during breakfast, the next during lunch.
  • For optimal results, it is recommended to follow a course of at least 3 months. 
  • Strictly follow the doses you need to take. If you ever forget to take it, do not try to catch up at another time of the day (especially with the caffeine content), or worse, by doubling the next dose.
  • You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and regular workouts. 

PhenQ : Ingredients and composition?

  • α-Lacys reset. It is a very recent patented formula. It is the perfect alloy between an antioxidant converting glucose into energy, an amino acid synthesizing essential fatty acids, and magnesium. The effect produced is the acceleration of metabolism and thermogenesis, leading irremediably to the burning of fat stores.
  • Capsimax powder. A mixture of piperine, caffeine and niacin, this powder intensifies thermogenesis.
  • Chromium picolinate. Helps the assimilation of carbohydrates by the cells, reducing the desire to consume sugars.
  • Nopal. Brings energy and increases the feeling of satiety. Limits water retention, cause of excess weight.
  • L-carnitine. Amino acid converting body fat into energy.

  • PhenQ is therefore a dietary supplement of the fat burner type, to be taken in the form of a cure. We trust this product thanks to the scientific studies carried out on it, the origin of its composition and the testimonials that we have noted. 
  • Indeed, by taking PhenQ , you will actually see your weight decrease rapidly and your well-being improve little by little.
  • Note however that this is not a miracle product. No matter what product you use, it will always take effort. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular activity during the cure is the key to its success.