Best Fat Burner 2022

  • Your body does not fully satisfy you, there is this excess fat that bothers you. Whether it's to lose weight, or to build a well-muscled body, you want to eliminate that excess fat. Diets and physical activities are essential, however, do not provide enough results. This is where fat burners come in.
  • Unlike diet pills on the market, fat burners work by boosting your metabolism using natural active ingredients .
  • We will see together how to choose the right fat burner for you. To do this, you have to understand what fat is, and how a fat burner works.
Best Fat Burners 2022
Best Fat Burners 2022

What is a fat burner used for?

  • Fat is a fatty substance (composed of lipids), existing in solid form at room temperature. It is found under the skin, and around certain organs. It plays a role of protection against shocks and the cold, but above all, constitutes a large energy reserve for the body. We mistakenly think that fat is an enemy. It is more complicated than that. There are good fats, such as omega 3 and monounsaturated , essential for the proper functioning of your body. However, it is true that good fats are quite rare in our modern diet, and that we find many more saturated fats which end up being assembled into triglycerides (chain of 3 fatty acids + glycerol)
  • Fat accumulates in the body when the calories you consume through food are greater than the energy you expend. Excess calories form triglycerides and are sent to fat bodies.
  • This fat accumulation has several repercussions on your body. It becomes apparent on your body, increases fatigue, causes the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the blood and increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • A balanced diet and physical activity can prevent fat from accumulating, or eliminate fat already present in your body. You must have noticed, despite the efforts you can make, it is sometimes difficult to get rid of this surplus. And that's exactly why fat burners exist. They boost metabolism to boost energy production in the body, resulting in fat loss.

The different types of fat burners

  • A fat burner appears in the form of capsules, or other analog forms, and is taken in the format of a cure, as a dietary supplement. Generally, a cure lasts at least 2 months for clearly visible results.
  • Not all fat burners work the same. Although all aim to boost metabolism, they are quite specific and use different pathways. The main functions that we find are: 
    • Thermogenesis: By increasing metabolism, your body temperature naturally rises, leading to greater burning of fat stored in adipocytes. This phenomenon is called lipolysis . This eliminates the accumulated fat in the body. This is a very relevant function for overweight people.
    • Lipid blocker: fat burners can directly attack the lipids you have just ingested. In this way, fat is prevented from being assimilated by the body.
    • Carbohydrate blocker. In the same way as before, fat burners can limit the assimilation of carbohydrates by intervening at the level of digestive enzymes. Carbohydrates can follow several different metabolic pathways and one of them is to be converted into fat.
    • Appetite suppressant. This is the case with a lot of fat burners. There are active ingredients such as Nopal which increases the feeling of satiety, limiting the desire to snack between meals.
    • Energy gain. The majority of fat burners provide you with an energy boost, in order to compensate for a potential drop in energy caused by a less quantitative diet.
  • Some fat burners are more powerful than others. If you are looking to eliminate excess fat in order to enhance your muscle mass or if you are looking to lose weight while being quite sedentary, you will not take the same product.
  • We have made a selection of the best fat burners that we have found, each with specific effects. You will surely be able to find the one that suits you in the list below.


  • We are in front of a very powerful fat burner. It allows you to lose a lot of weight without any special diet (it is still necessary to adopt a balanced diet).
  • Its strength lies in a particular active ingredient, α-Lacys reset. Composed of α-lipoic acid, cysteine ​​and magnesium, it has the power to accelerate metabolism and thus cause thermogenesis while converting glucose from food into energy. Thermogenesis is supported by capsimax powder. We find nopal, limiting nibbling and water retention, and chromium picolinate, improving the absorption of carbohydrates by the cells.
  • If you need to lose a lot of weight, PhenQ is clearly suitable for you.
  • We find PhenQ on the official website of the product. The price of a bottle is 65.95€, the equivalent of 1 month of treatment. It is possible to benefit from promotions. 
The +
  1. Ingredients of natural origin, without side effects.
  2. Unique active principle, not found in other products.
  3. Eliminates the fats already present and limits the production of new fats.
  1. Not available in pharmacies.
  2. High price.

Forskolin 250

  • Forskolin 250 is a dietary supplement with the power of a fat burner. It has the particularity of having only one active ingredient (apart from vitamins, minerals, etc.), forskolin . Its operation is a little particular. Indeed, it acts initially on adenylate cyclase, a hormone that regulates cell metabolism and thermogenesis. It pushes this metabolism to demand more ATP (energy currency of the cell) to function. In this situation, your body produces more hormone- sensitive lipase , one of the enzymes allowing the burning of stored fat to make ATP.
  • We like Forskolin 250because the latter also has a range of other effects. It stimulates the body so as to improve concentration, attention and memory. It also plays the role of an anti-hypertensive and a bronchodilator, reducing the feeling of fatigue. 
  • You can get a bottle (the equivalent of a month's treatment) of Forskolin 250 on the official website of the product. Its unit price is set at €39.99. It is possible to pay less by taking advantage of promotional lots.
  1. Double mechanism to eliminate stored fat.
  2. Ingredients of natural origin, without side effects
  3. Improves overall health.
  4. Lot of 6 bottles at 119.99€.
  1. Not available in pharmacies.


  • If you are primarily looking to lose weight, Meratol is a fat burner that might be right for you. Its composition is oriented to prevent weight gain upstream. The food you eat will be digested a little faster, except for lipids. In fact, a large part of the bad fats that you will consume will be evacuated with the waste products instead of passing through the intestinal wall and passing through the metabolism.
  • Thus, Meratol can easily attack the fats stored in the adipocytes just by stimulating the metabolism, since there is no longer any creation of new fats.
  • A bottle of Meratol costs € 39.95, the equivalent of 1 month of treatment. You can reduce this price by taking the set of 6 bottles at 119.85€ .
  1. Fight against water retention.
  2. Prevents the accumulation of new fats.
  1. Not available in pharmacies.

  • The 3 products we have chosen above come from a selection based on our research, the relevance of which has been judged according to the product itself, and user reviews. There are surely other good fat burners (like Zotrim , Proactol XS , or even Capsiplex ), we just selected those that convinced us the most and whose functions are different.